Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Spring 2023
Presented by Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students: Enhancing Mental Health, Well-Being, and Success

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January 31

The Start of Something New: Creating Healthy Relationships

A workshop designed to teach students strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships. We will also cover red flags to look out for if a relationship becomes unhealthy. 

February 7 

Self-Care Sunday, But on Tuesday: Strategies for Self-Care

This workshop highlights stressors as a college student and focused on ways to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

February 14

Don’t Wanna Be… All by Myself: Managing Loneliness

Feeling a bit lonely this Valentine's day? Let's make it a date! Stop by ths Tuesday @ 7 workshop to learn skills to navigate loneliness and cope with feelings of isolation. 

February 21

Taking Control of Worry Thoughts: I Am the Captain

Worry thoughts are thought patterns that provoke anxiety in anticipation of the future, and are a normal part of the college student experience. After attending this workshop, you will feel empowered to become the captain of your own thoughts. 

February 28

The Unofficial Guide to Safe Substance Use

Do you want to navigate substances safely in college? Come join our workshop on substances and their effects on us holistically. 

March 7

Homecoming: Coping with Home Over Spring Break

Sometimes going back home for break can feel like an adjustment. This workshop discusses how to deal with interpersonal conflicts, improve self-care and coping skills, and practice setting boundaries in the midst of returning home. 

GIES Success Lab, BIF, Room 1041
March 21

You Gotta Dig a Little Deeper: Cultivating Vulnerability

Do you struggle with sharing your emotions to other people, whether they are family members, close friends, or romantiic partners? This workshop focuses on cultivating vulnerability and learning the tools to help strengthen the relationships in your life. 

Housing- ISR 94A Seminar Room A
March 28

The Best of Both Worlds: Achieving Work Life Balance

Tired of working too hard or playing too hard? Come learn more about how to manage hustle culture and your eventful schedule at our workshop!

LAS- 1090 Lincoln Hall
April 4

Diving into Neurodiversity: A Guide for Staying Well in a Neurotypical World

Folks of all identities are invited to join this workshop to unmask, be yourself, and learn how to support one's mental health in a world made for neurotypical people.

Education Building 323
April 11

It’s Not You, It’s Us: Supporting a Friend in Distress

Ever wanted to help a friend out and didn't know how? Let's learn about how to spot and support a friend in distress, while also being a friend to yourself!

Education Building 4G
April 18

#BeReal: Navigating Authenticity and Social Media

It's time to #BeReal and learn to express your authentic self in the digital world. In this workshop, we will challenge the societal pressure to maintain a seemingly perfect virtual image. 

Huff Hall 114
April 25

There Is Always Light if You’re Brave Enough to See it: Building Hope and Resilience

In this workshop, we will be using tools to adjust our perspective and thoughts; while also building hope & resiliency through visualization and fostering a growth mindset.

May 2

On Tuesdays We Wear Pink: The Coping With Burnout Book

You know what's so fetch? Coming to our workshop on burnout and learning how to cope with feelings of exhaustion and stress.


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