Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Fall 2023
Presented by Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students: Enhancing Mental Health, Well-Being, and Success

Date Title Location  Description
September 5

Your Declassified College Survival Guide

Noyes 157 It's the first month of school and it can be totally frightening. Come learn some tips, tricks, and skills to add to your college survival guide!
September 12 

Cultivating Confidence: Challenging Your Inner Critic

Business Instructional Facility (BIF) 1041 Are you finding it difficult to confront your inner critic? Embark on a journey towards conquering self-doubt, nurturing self-confidence, and cultivating the mindset essential for personal growth through engaging activities and empowering conversations.
September 19

Building Campus Friendships Where You Alma Mater

Lincoln Hall 1022 This workshop is designed for all students who are interested in cultivating meaningful friendships. Topics like how to deal with social anxiety, exploring positive traits in friends, and how to communicate with friends will be discussed.
September 26

Intuitive Eating: You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Illinois Street Residence Hall (ISR) 94AB Peers will learn about intuitive eating, a mindful approach to body image and eating that focuses on fostering a harmonious, joyful, and liberating relationship between food and the body without succumbing to the pressures of society.
October 3

Game of Loans: Managing Financial Wellness

College of Education 192 Does thinking about money stress you out? Are you interested in expanding your financial knowledge with a non-judgemental forum of your peers? If you answered “yeah!” to either of these questions, then we have just the workshop for you! “Game of Loans: Managing Financial Wellness” is your one-stop-shop for defining your personal financial goals, and understanding what financial wellness means to you.
October 10

Why Can't I Just Count Sheep and Fall Asleep?

Everitt Lab 1302 Participants will learn about the impact of sleep on their physical and mental health. Participants will reflect on their sleep habits and learn about what might help improve their quality of sleep.
October 17

Mind full? It's Time to Be Mindful

Huff Hall 114 Come to this workshop to explore the world of mindfulness!
Students often have busy schedules and with this comes a busy mind, so stop by Huff Hall to
understand the power of living in the present moment, learn strategies to increase
self-awareness, and create a balanced and grounded existence in the midst of unexpected life
October 24

Me, Myself, and I: Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Gregory Hall 311 Come join us at Gregory Hall where we will review skills that can help you acknowledge who you are, feel good in your own skin, and learn to more fully love yourself!
October 31

The Lion, the Witch, and the FOMO: Managing the Fear of Missing Out

Illini Union 104 FOMO can be kinda spooky. Join us and learn ways to combat the fear of missing out, gain useful coping strategies, and increase mindfulness.
November 7

Love at First Swipe: Online Dating and Building Meaningful Connections

Zoom* Swipe right on this workshop to join us as we navigate online dating and explore meaningful connections and how to maintain them!
November 14

My Name is No: Setting Boundaries and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Zoom* Sometimes setting boundaries can feel like a chore, but it shouldn’t. This workshop is designed to stress the importance of saying no when you want to say no and demystify setting boundaries in your relationships.
November 28

Stop, Drop, and Roll with It: Managing Negative Emotions Surrounding Burnout

Zoom* Feeling engulfed by the flames of burnout? This workshop can help with learning to “stop, drop, and roll with it” because being a student, employee, friend, and peer can be difficult. Students will be guided through practical and easily applicable techniques to identify, understand, and manage feelings, igniting empowerment to regain control and find balance.
December 5

Finally: Surviving and Thriving During Finals

Zoom* Are you stressed and need to take a breath? Discover the secrets to success with Finally: Surviving and Thriving During Finals. Dive into expert strategies and tips to survive and excel during the most challenging times of the academic year.

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