Training Programs

Training and developing professionals is a part of the Counseling Center’s mission, and we offer programs for students at every stage of their education.

For graduate students, the Counseling Center offers:

  • A well-respected pre-doctoral internship program
  • Graduate counseling practicum program
  • MSW internship program

For undergraduates, we offer the Counseling Center Paraprofessional (CCP) program, Inner Voices Social Issues Theater, and Alcohol Culture Explored Interactive Theater (ACE IT) facilitator training:

  • Students who are interested in being a CCP first apply for the program. Once accepted, they will go through a three-semester course sequence that emphasizing experiential learning as they assist in various outreach the Counseling Center does. The hallmark of the CCP outreach experience is the Tuesday @ 7 Workshop series. Each semester, CCPs offer workshops for other students with topics ranging from effective time management to dealing with depression to smart money management.
  • INNER VOICES Social Issues Theatre addresses timely and often difficult social and health issues through performances followed by post-performance dialogues. Students can become involved with the program in a number of ways including enrolling in one of several courses offered through the Departments of Theatre and Gender and Women's Studies. 
  • Students who are interested in becoming ACE IT facilitators for the upcoming school year must successfuly complete Community Health 199-ACE, which is offered every spring.