Outreach and Prevention Services

Please note  that as a student fee-funded unit, the Counseling Center’s primary goal is to provide services to students. If you are looking for mental health programming for faculty and staff, please contact Faculty Staff Assistance Services. Since faculty and staff are an integral to supporting students, we are always happy to provide presentations to them about Counseling Center services and helping students in distress.

Mission Statement

As an integral part of the Counseling Center and in keeping with its mission, the Outreach and Prevention Services (OPS) area promotes a community perspective by extending the services of our staff beyond the physical site to the campus as a whole. OPS provides deliberate, systematic, and creative psycho-educational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, wellness, and student self help. We work collaboratively with other staff and programs within the Center as well as with other departments and units to enhance the general campus climate.

The University of Illinois Counseling Center is committed to serving the mental health needs of students. This includes reaching out to students through consultations, workshops and other psycho-educational forms. Outreach is available to students, faculty and staff with sufficient notice (at least two weeks). Various workshop topics covered in the past include time management, stress management, relationship conflicts, and how to recognize depressive symptoms, just to name a few. To request an outreach, please complete and submit our form.

Please contact Carrie Finkill, Assistant Director of Outreach and Prevention, or Dr. Deidre Weathersby, Associate Director of Outreach, at 217-333-3704 with further questions.