Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Assessments

AOD Assessments are provided to address concerns around alcohol and drug use, as well as behavioral addictions including sex, gambling, and the internet. The AOD team does not complete assessments related to the use of nicotine or caffeine. AOD Assessments allow students the opportunity to specifically explore concerns around substance use, receive support and guidance, and determine a plan of action most useful in meeting their goals for change. A full assessment takes two scheduled sessions to complete. Sessions are typically scheduled between one to two weeks apart. 

Students wanting to schedule and AOD assessment for themselves can call 217-333-3704.

University of Illinois staff who are referring students for AOD services can complete this form and fax it to 217-244-7586.

Additional Alcohol and Other Drug Services Offered

Skill-Building Classes

The Counseling Center's Alcohol and Other Drug Program offers several classes students facing substance issues. Classes include:

Creating Alternative Alcohol Plans (CAAP)

Marijuana Information Class (MIC)

Discovery Counseling Group

The Counseling Center offers a specialized therapy group called Discovery Group, which is designed to assist students who are attempting to change their relationship with alcohol and/or other drugs. It is appropriate for students whose goals include either abstinence or moderation. Clients must meet with the co-facilitators of the group before participating. Visit the counseling groups page for more information. 

Outside Referrals

Several referral options exists for students with alcohol and other drug concerns both on and off campus. Counselors are able to help students link with the resources on campus and in the community that will best meet their needs. Some examples include educational workshops, further assessment, individual counseling, group therapy, and referral to a medically managed agency.

Request a Workshop

We also offer alcohol and other drug educational workshops to classes, organizations, and groups. To request a workshop, please fill out this form.