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mission and strategic goals

Our mission

Student Affairs transforms lives. We provide quality programs, services, facilities and living environments that create the Illinois experience at Urbana-Champaign which empowers students to achieve the greatest potential in their personal and academic development.

Strategic planning

Student Affairs is embarking on a strategic planning process. Watch this page for details as the process unfolds!

Current strategic goals


Enhanced Knowledge & Appreciation of Diversity

  • Enhance intercultural competencies (e.g. knowledge, attitudes, behaviors) in students and Student Affairs
  • staff to appreciate diversity.
  • Increase recruiting, supporting, and retaining underrepresented and low-income student populations.
  • Assess the programming designed to meet the needs of diverse populations.
  • Increase the hiring and retention of underrepresented staff to meet the Student Affairs strategic hiring goals with particular attention to Asian American, International and Latina/o populations.


Environmentally Sound and Culturally Relevant Facilities

  • New facilities will achieve the campus LEED and I-CAP standards.
  • Continue to update and maintain existing facilities to meet appropriate University LEED and I-CAP standards.
  • All Student Affairs facilities will have updated management information systems and technology infrastructures, including wireless computer access.
  • Every Student Affairs facility will have some aspect of culturally relevant design, naming or enhancement.
  • Explore and expand new revenue generation opportunities in Student Affairs facilities, particularly during the summer months.


Clarity and Enhancement of the Student Experience at Illinois

  • Gain greater understanding (define and measure) of the social and co-curricular aspects of the student experience through evaluation and assessment of programs and services.
  • Create and sustain a welcoming and safe community for new students by developing learning outcomes which measure the efficacy of new student programs


Engagement with and Commitment to Partners and Stakeholders

  • Develop mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships within Student Affairs and with other University units and departments.
  • Promote Student Affairs and identify partners to enhance service to students and fundraising.
  • Coordinate and enhance communication with students’ parents/families.
  • Continue to enhance the Student Affairs website and other promotional materials for effective  communication with on- and off-campus constituents.


Responsive to Emerging Issues in Higher Education

  • Create effective staff development programs in response to emerging issues in Student Affairs and higher education.
  • Stay abreast of technology and social media so we can use all resources to communicate with relevant groups, with special attention to students.
  • Create an environment of accountability and financial stewardship by utilizing assessment and evaluation to improve programs and services, and encouraging entrepreneurial behavior in  Student Affairs.
  • Gather and share information about new international/national/regional/local laws and regulations relevant to higher education.

Goals updated November, 2012

For further information, contact:

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
120 Swanlund Administration Building
601 East John Street
Champaign, IL 61820
phone 217-333-1300