Our Services


Clinical Services

Individual counseling: We offer time-limited individual counseling. The number of sessions students receive varies according to your specific needs. Our staff can assist you with referrals if you need to connect with providers in the community for specialized services or long-term care.

We offer scheduling for in-person initial appointments up to seven days in advance for currently enrolled students. Our online scheduling appointments are available Monday through Friday at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. If these times do not work for your schedule, please feel free to call the Counseling Center at 217-333-3704. We also offer appointments on a same-day basis, so if all our pre-scheduled appointments are filled, there may be other options. 

 More information is available at our Making the Initial Appointment page.

Group counseling:  Group counseling is our long-term option. Two counselors will act as facilitators, and most groups have around 8-10 participants. We typically offer about 25 different groups each semester. 

Referrals to private therapy: For students who need longer-term individual therapy than what the Counseling Center offers, we can assist you in locating a therapist in the community who meets your needs.

Specialized assessments: We offer assessments for disordered eating and alcohol and other drug concerns. 

Outreach and Prevention Services

Skill-Building Programming: We offer several psychoeducation offerings that teach students skills such as:

  • Using mindfulness and acceptance to deal with uncomfortable emotions.
  • Overcoming perfectionistic tendencies.
  • Managing test anxiety.
  • Making the most of the time they have.
  • Improving focus.

More information can be found on our Outreach Series page.

Outreach on Request: We believe in partnering with students/faculty/staff on our campus to provide education about mental wellness and information about our services. More information can be found on our Request an Outreach page.

Trauma Response: The Counseling Center can provide trauma responses for groups on campus who are affected by traumatic incidents and/or psychological emergencies. Our Trauma Response Team page provides details about how to arrange an event.