Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Spring 2022
Presented by Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students: Enhancing Mental Health, Well-Being, and Success

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February 8

CCP's Declassified College Survival Guide

Come join in on senior CCPs sharing their tips and tricks on navigating college. Learn about academics, how to build a community, and more!

February 15

Can I Speak to Your Time Manager?

Come to our workshop to discuss time management skills and learn tips and strategies on how you can use your time effectively!

February 22

Love the Skin You're In: Managing Body Image Concerns

This workshop will provide participants with a chance to analyze their body image and receive a deeper understanding of what it is and what can affect it. Students will also learn how to improve and cope with their own body image.

March 1

Getting Degreed Without Anxiety in the Lead

This workshop will use a variety of exercises to teach participants how to identify and deal with anxiety, specifically within college life and other academic situations.

March 8

Mental Health Crash Course

In this workshop, participants will learn about the importance of mental health, how to prioritize your mental health, and how to support yourself/others during difficult times.

March 22

C.O.L.L.E.G.E--The One About Friends

Learn how to foster healthy relationships with friends and ways to manage conflicts and difficulties in friendships.

March 29

Achieving Wellness Just for the Health of it

We will be diving into the various dimensions of wellness and providing resources to help you become a healthier you!

Illini Union 407
April 5

Managing the Harmful Effects of Social Media

With social media often being such an integral part of our day to day lives, it is important to reflect on your own relationship with social media. This workshop aids you in reflecting on your own social media use and making sure your timeline is serving you and your needs.

Lincoln Hall 1022
April 12

Don't Be Shocked...It's Culture

This workshop is geared towards helping students who experience culture shock. We hope that you are able to learn about what culture shock is, how to cope with it, but also how it can be beneficial and a good way to learn about other cultures that we may be unfamiliar with as we enter college.

Noyes 157
April 19

Substitutes for Substance Use

This workshop will educate and provide students with information about safer substance use. Our goal is to focus on staying safe while using substances and exploring other alternatives.

Gregory Hall 311
April 26

Burnout and How to Rekindle the Flame: College Edition

During this workshop, we will be discussing burnout and how to deal with it, and how to deal with the burnt-out version of yourself. We are trying to normalize this concept and show individuals this can happen to anyone, and at any time.

English Building 160

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