Tuesday @ 7 Workshops

Presented by The Counseling Center Paraprofessionals
Students Helping Students

Spring 2014
Room 405 at the Illini Union
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

February 4 – When It’s All Too Much: Understanding General Anxiety

February 11 – Being Single and Ready to Mingle: Confident and Satisfied

February 18 – College Dating: Uncovering the Dating Scene

February 25 – A Recipe for a Healthier Self: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food

March 4 – Think before You Drink: Alcohol Awareness

March 11 – Life after Undergrad: Making Way for You in Your Next Steps

March 18 – “There’s No Place like Home”: It’s All About Family Communication

April 1 – When “Eventually” Is Now! Coping with Procrastination

April 8 – Being a First Generation College Student: Paving the Way

April 15 – Do Whatcha Wanna Do: Exploring Sexuality and Gender

April 22 – Deconstructing Masculinity: Doing the MANual Labor

April 29 – Test Anxiety: Examining Your Exam Worries