Paid CCPs

Here are some bios, and impressions of the program from some of the Paid CCPs.

Name: Kayla Johnson
Hometown: Fithian, IL
Major: Social Work and Psychology
Campus activities: Illini Navigators, Volunteer at Crisis Nursery, Work with the SOAR program at Garden Hills Elementary, James Scholar, Student Intern at U.S. Attorney’s Office
About your CCP experience: CCP has been the single most influential experience of my college career. The people I’ve met through this program are lifelong friends, peers, and mentors. I’ve learned so much about myself, opening my eyes to social issues I never understood and putting myself in others’ shoes to understand more about other people’s experiences. I’ve learned hands on, life skills that I’ll carry with me forever and will help me along the way in the future in order to continue growing and learning new things about myself and others.
Plans after Graduation: I plan to go on to get my master’s in social work and concentrate on advocacy. Through my job at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I’ve gotten to firsthand experience seeing victims of crimes. I’ve learned that I have a passion for one day being an advocate for abused children and hopefully a victim advocate for the federal government. CCP and this job have opened so many doors for me and I’m excited to see where they take me!

Name: Ryan Nemethy
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Major: Psychology
Campus activities:The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), Campus Acquaintance Rape Education Facilitator, Testing Proctor, Psychology Peer Registry Assistant, LAS 101 Intern, Community Advocacy Project Advocate, Interfraternity Council Judicial Board, Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Conduct, Childreach International
About your CCP experience: CCP has been an incredible, college defining experience. It has created a plethora of opportunities for me that I will be eternally grateful for!
Plans after Graduation: I plan on earning my masters degree from the Labor and Employment Relations college at the University of Illinois!

Name: Gabrielle Smith
Hometown: Bradley-Bourbonnais
Major: Psychology
Other Campus Activities: I work with the Alcohol and other Drug Office on campus through CCP, I also am a member of the Alcohol Safety Awareness Peers. I have done work with Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre Group. I also plan to do more work with the Women’s Resource Center this year.
About Your CCP Experience: I really enjoyed the CCP program and I am really excited to continue on as a Paid Paraprofessional. I have learned a lot of skills that I know will benefit me in my career field and I’m grateful to have had this experience as an undergraduate. I am also grateful for the connections I have made with supervisors and other CCP’s. I know that my experience as a Paid will only help me grow as a professional and I am really excited for more opportunities and growth.
Plans after Graduation: As of now my plan for after graduation is to take some time off and really explore my career options, work, and spend time with my family before I start a new chapter in my life.