ACE IT (Alcohol Culture Explored Interactive Theatre)

ACE IT is a program of the University of Illinois Counseling Center’s Alcohol and Other Drug Office . The ACE IT Program’s goal is to help you to stay safe, be healthy, and succeed academically—whether or not you choose to drink.

ACE IT is a mandatory program (New Student Programs) that all new undergraduate students, including transfer students, are required to attend. Transfer students who are age 21 or over and live off campus are exempt from attending.

What can you expect at ACE IT?

Your ACE IT workshop will be led by fellow students: peer facilitators who have been trained to lead discussions about alcohol on campus.

The workshop lasts 75 minutes and is held in a classroom on campus. With a group of other new students, you’ll watch video scenes about drinking and campus life. After each scene, you’ll have the opportunity to express your thoughts and hear what other students have to say about drinking situations, attitudes, and choices.

As a take-away, you’ll receive handouts with information about related topics and campus resources.

Click here to learn more about ACE IT, including how to become a peer facilitator for the program.

Still have questions?

Contact ACE IT Program Coordinator Betsy Peterson (